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My names Lucie, I’m a 22-year-old Makeup Artist & Blogger from the U.K. I started luevue.com in late 2016. After a while of toying with the idea and I mean a while. I finally took the jump into the internet. Since that quite a lot has happened – I learned that makeup is pretty much my only passion in life, the other, writing about it. What a turn of events for someone that used to wear foundation 4 shades too dark & hated English. I wanted to start a blog that not only gave you a no BS explanation on whether a product is actually life-changing but also is an entertaining read whilst you’re here. Generally, I like to review affordable products and if not, I’ll give you a good reason why it’s worth paying more. If it is more. If you’d like to get in touch for business reasons or even just to say hey! Feel free to fill out the Contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I love hearing from you!  

A little extra info: The days I post on luevue.com are Monday, Thursday and “the weekend” (specific, I know). Obviously, there can be exceptions to the days so if you never want to miss a post, subscribe to my newsletter! You’ll be notified the second and I mean the second I upload. I tend to send out discount codes I have with brands or giveaway announcements through the newsletter too.

Social media-wise: Find me on Instagram for glossier pics & announcements. Twitter for little snippets of Beauty & pointless info. Pinterest to see what I’m inspired by. Snapchat – @luevueblog for mini-tutorials and of course, many dog filter pics. And YouTube for when I try and dabble over there.

Anyway, I think we’re covered now. I hope you enjoy reading luevue.com as much as I love writing it!