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We’ve all sat in front of a mirror for hours trying to stick a fake lash on whilst it flaps around like a bag in the wind. Only to find once it’s finally on, it’s falling off within an hour. It’s frustrating and certainly a skill that needs some know how. I am that girl that wears fake lashes all day, every day.

Tesco trip or not, the lashes are coming. So in my time of wearing lashes daily, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve on how to get them on. And make them last. So here it is, my tips on how to apply fake lashes for beginners…


The right lash

If you really want to get a running start, try using lashes that suit your eye shape. Of course, when you’re a lash pro it’s easier to wear any style but at first, stick to styles that help you out.


Almond Eyes:

If you have almond eyes, you can wear any lashes you want. Pretty much all lash styles will sit perfectly on your lids so go wild! Identifying almond eyes: If the curvature of the pupil is covered by the top eyelid, that’s an almond eye.

Round eyes:

Keep it short. Avoid using big, fluffy lash styles for ease of application. Identifying round eyes: If most of your pupil is visible when the eyes are open, you have round eyes.

Close-set eyes:

For close-set eyes, keep the attention on the outer corner. You can easily trim lashes to suit your eyes shape. Identifying close-set eyes: If the distance between your eyes is shorter than one of your eyes, you have close-set eyes.

Upturned eyes:

The perfect candidate for the cat-eye. Try to keep the lashes short, feathering out towards the outer corner. Identifying upturned eyes: If the outer corner of your eye sits higher than the inner corner, you have upturned eyes.

Mono-lidded eyes:

Perfect for bold, fluttery, layered lashes. The ideal eyes to go bold. Identifying mono-lidded eyes: If you have no obvious crease on the eyelid, you have mono-lidded eyes.

Hooded eyes:

The ideal eyes for long, wispy lashes. Try a lash with the attention focussing at the center of the lash. Identifying hooded eyes: If you have a prominent brow bone that slightly overhangs on to your upper lid. You have hooded eyes.

Deep-set eyes:

If you got it, flaunt it. Another perfect candidate for big, fluffy, layered lashes. Try a bold lash with the attention on the outer corners. Identifying deep-set eyes: Eyes that sit under the brow bone. If your lashes are almost touching your brows, you have deep-set eyes.

Don’t skimp on glue:

If you want your lashes to stick down and stay down. Avoid the glue they provide in the eyelash pack at all costs. I can stick fake lashes on in about 3.5 seconds and when I use cheap glue, I can’t get them on for love nor money. And if I manage to, they fall off a few times throughout the day. 99% of the time the glue in the pack is poor quality and deserves nothing but binning. The glue I swear by is Duo Glue. The bottle costs just under £6 and lasts me (a daily lash wearer) 3 or 4 months. It could stick anything to your face so a lash is not a problem for it. If you have trouble with lash glue, it’s worth looking in to. I’m all for saving money but as an experienced lash wearer, if I can’t stick a lash on with the glue they provide, what hope is there for a beginner. Glue is worth spending some coin on.


Let the glue dry, but not too dry:

Most tutorials tell you to wait till the glue is clear & tacky. This technique never works for me and it’s not something I recommend. The best way to make sure your lashes are really stuck down is:

  1. Apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band
  2. Wait a few secs until the glue dry’s a little, but don’t wait until it’s tacky.
  3. Start applying the lash and hold the inner & outer corners in place till the glue has dried.

Allowing the glue to become tacky before you’ve even started applying the lash isn’t leaving you enough time to adjust the lash on your eye. When the glue is tacky, it’s almost completely set. You want to apply the lash whilst the glue is damp but not wet so you have time to fix it into place. Once it’s in place, holding the corners down until the glue is dry will help your lashes stay on all day. This trick helps with longevity and makes applying a lot easier.

Cut them to size:

Trying to apply lashes that are too big for your eyes is a mission you’re going to fail. To test the lash, hold it up to your eyelid to see if it’s going to fit. If the lash is running along your inner corner, you need to trim the lash. To trim, take it a little bit at a time, always trimming from the outer corner. Trimming from the inner corner will change the shape of the lash and ruin the design. Making it harder to apply.


(Once the glue looks like this, it’s ready to apply)


There are few tools you can use to help apply fake lashes. Personally, I find it 10 times easier to just use my fingers. However, if I have fake nails on then applying lashes becomes a lot harder. If that’s the case, I’ll use tweezers to pick up the lash and hold in place on my eyelid. Then, I’ll take a thin makeup brush (eyeshadow brush) and use the handle to gently press down the inner & outer corners.

A lash applicator can be used to hold the lash in place (like tweezers do) but again, using a makeup brush to press down the corners is the best way I’ve found.

Thicker band:

The thicker the lash band, the easier it is to apply. Normally. Some lashes with thick bands can be super inflexible making them hard to apply. To make them more flexible, hold the corners of the lash and gently bend it back and forth to loosen it up. An invisible lash band or a lash with a thin band are by far and away the hardest to master. When you’re learning to apply lashes, keep an eye out for styles with thicker bands. Getting the practice in with these types of lashes will make your life so much easier!



Ultimately, everything comes with practice. The more you apply lashes, the easier it will become. If you follow these steps then your lashes should last the day but always take lash glue out with you! I take mine anytime I know I’ll be out for more than a few hours, just in case. If you’re having trouble with a particular step, feel free to contact me and I’ll try help you out. I always recommend using good quality glue. Good quality lashes are desirable but as long you have good glue – you should be able to stick anything to your eye.


(Featured lashes once applied using this method)

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