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Are you partial to a bit of rose gold packaging? Course ya are. And you’re going to love Makeup Revolution’s latest addition to their Renaissance collection – the Renaissance Flick Liner. Boasting an easy to use pen design, this liner is perfect for beginners or winged liner fanatics. But how does it wear and how easy is to use really? Find out in my Makeup Revolution Renaissance Flick Liner review…


As a makeup artist, my prefered and go to liner tends to be a gel liner with an angled brush but for ease of use on the go, I do love a good liner pen. Often I find them a bit hit and miss, sometimes the tip is too flexible or not flexible enough. The tip on the Renaissance Flick Liner is angled to a super fine point making it really simple to get a clean line. It is more on the hard side but to be honest, it makes for fewer mistakes and it will become more flexible over time so it’s probably for the best.

I went for a winged liner and it took me about 10 seconds to get a super clean, sharp and ultra black line. Legit, 10 seconds. It was potentially the quickest liner experience of my whole life. I didn’t find myself needing to go over the liner again to make sure the liner was dark enough which is A+ because it can become clumpy. And no one wants clumpy liner am-i-right?


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Price point

Makeup Revolution is constantly bringing us premium designs for affordable prices, the Renaissance Flick Liner is no exception. For £5 you get a decent eyeliner in beautiful blogger-insta-dresser-worthy packaging. If you’re partial to a bit of Instagrammable packaging (aren’t we all) it’s definitely worth trying out. I pay over £5 for a pen liner on a good day anyway and to get it in a rose gold design is a bonus.

Liner tips: I always start a the wing taking it one step at a time, working my way into the inner corner. Always remember your wing shouldn’t come out further than the tail of your brow! If you do make a mistake, it feels like the end of the world but don’t worry. Just take a cotton bud with makeup remover or vaseline on and wipe away. Then apply a line of concealer to sharpen the edges. 


If you’re starting out on your winged liner journey, this liner is super easy to use and what a way to start it. It’s definitely one of those makeup items that look better left out on the dresser. Which is a plus since my dresser looks a state 99% of the time and this lil baby adds a bit of classy flair to the mess. There is a purpose to the packaging though – it’s pretty weighted which makes applying liner even easier so it looks beautiful, and it’s functional. Another great addition to the ever-growing Makeup Revolution family. For a fiver, you can’t really beat it.

You can pick up the Renaissance Flick Liner, here.


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This product was sent out to me by Makeup Revolution for consideration.