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It’s been a year since Nip + Fab dropped potentially my favourite drugstore line of all time. And this year they’re back with even more products including a loose setting powder which I must say, I’m very happy about. Finding a good loose powder in a drugstore is like literally finding gold. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve scoured the aisles and come away with some glorified talcum powder, £10 down and super disappointed. So, when I saw this was coming out, I knew I had to try it. Here’s my Nip + Fab Loose Setting Powder review…

Which shade to pick?

The powder comes in two shades, Translucent and Banana. Translucent is suitable for all skin tones since it’s colourless and probably the best bet if you’re unsure which to pick. A banana powder is used for colour correcting pink hues. Personally, I have yellow undertones and find most foundations turn out pink on my skin so tend to reach for a banana powder most days. If you have the same problem, a banana powder is a godsend. Banana powders can be used on all skin tones but tend to darken or lighten the foundation underneath depending on your skin tone, so, if you’re very fair or very dark, be mindful it could alter your foundation shade!


The formula of the two powders is actually different which I found interesting. The Banana shade is more of a traditional powder texture, finely milled but not super fine. Whereas the Translucent shade is extremely finely milled, almost to the point of being invisible. Which gives a beautiful soft focus effect on the skin but can give off flashback under harsh artificial light (basically just camera flashes). So if you’re going somewhere with flashing cameras, be sure the powder is blended in properly


The finish of both these powders is leagues above any other drugstore powder I’ve tried. So far, I find the Banana Powder works best for baking and adding extra definition to contour. I’ve been using this to set my concealer and to colour correct/brighten up the high points of my face. The colour is perfect, it has a yellow hue but doesn’t look crazy. Then I have been using the Translucent Powder to fully set the skin. It adds a blur effect which makes pores look less visible and has been working amazingly for keeping my skin matte. I have to say, the Translucent Powder lasts better on my skin and keeps it matte the entire day.


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Wear time

When it comes to powder, the thing you really want to know is how well does it wear. As someone with oily skin, I put a lot of faith in my powder to stop my makeup sliding around the back of my head by 12 pm. I’ve found the Banana Powder adds a matte finish but wears down throughout the day (like most powders). Nothing crazy, just a bit of a healthy glow by the end of the day. The Translucent Powder, however, is pretty much bulletproof. I add a thin layer over the top of my foundation and it lasts the entire day. And I mean entire day. I even found my foundation had pretty much disappeared by the end of the day but the powder was still working and super matte. Which to be honest, I have never found with a powder before.


Nip + Fab have done it again. I’m actually starting to try and purposely find faults in their products because it’s getting ridiculous that I love every single thing they bring out. But, I can’t with this one. It’s £8.95 and potentially the best powder I’ve ever tried. To be honest I like using them both together for different reasons and will probably continue to do that but they work great on their own too. The Banana Powder is perfect for colour correcting and adding a ‘matte but not flat’ finish and the Translucent Powder is one you know you can rely on to last the whole day, and then some. Do I recommend it? A million times yes. I’ve used them every day for a week straight with different foundations/concealers underneath and it’s flawless every time.

Shop the Translucent Powder, here.


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Shop the Banana Powder, here.

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These products were sent out to me by Nip + Fab for consideration.